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    Question need help with cycle planning

    i have 20cc of 50mg winstrol depot/ 2-10cc bottles of equipoise 200 / 50ct winny pills 50mg/ 1-10cc bot of QV propionate 100mg/ and 100ct d-bol 5mg/ 54ct clomid/ and 3amps 5000iu hcg

    I am looking to get 2 cycles from this one in the fall and one in the spring. If anyone would help me it would be great im simply looking for advice and opinions on how this should be mapped out. Im looking for 8-12 week programs and the orals will not be taken longer than six weeks.I know this is asking alot but please help i could use all of your advice.
    Thanks alot
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    You don't have enough for two cycles. You don't even have enough eq for this cycle, you also don't have enough prop or d-bol. I would rethink my cycle if i were you, and get some more gear. You also shouldn't be taking d-bol and winny in the same cycle, its very bad towards your liver. I suggest you research a little more man, and good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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    ok, here is a potential cycle for you with the drugs you have above, although you are going to have to do the simple math to figure out how much more you need.

    Proposed #1
    1-4 Test Prop @ 50mg/ED
    1-4 Dianabol @ 30mg/ED
    1-12 EQ @ 400mg/wk
    9-14 Winstrol @ 50mg/ED

    I would replace the test prop with a longer chain ester like enanthate or cypionate at 500mg or 400mg/wk so it can carry you all the way through the EQ and also be finished by the time you bridge your clomid therapy with the winny, like this:

    How I would run it
    1-4 Dianabol @ 30mg/ED
    1-12 Enanthate @ 500mg/wk
    1-12 EQ @ 400mg/wk
    9-14 Winstrol @ 50mg/ED

    You will be more pleased with the gains from the latter.

    So to sum things up, you need more gear to even run one good cycle with this, you wouldn't be wise to forgo test during the bread and butter weeks of your cycle, and you need to do some more research on your own on anti-e's so you will know how to dose.
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