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Thread: 1st Time Clenbuterol User

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    1st Time Clenbuterol User

    Hi everyone,

    I am using Clen for the 1st time to help me achieve my main goal of weight loss.

    I currently stand at 22st 4lb / 142.2kg / 313.6lb
    I'm 5ft 10in / 175cm
    Around 30% body fat.

    My main goal is weight loss, already dropped 2 stone over 6 months but I want to accelerate my loss for 25th October if possible.

    I'm using 60mcg of Clen, which is 1 tablet a day, my diet has improved dramatically and I train Monday, Wednesday and Friday with at least 10km of Cardio a week.

    I do take Taurine with Clen and I was on my 1st cycle of T5's last week, 2 weeks T5, 2 weeks Clen.

    Am I doing enough for 3lb a week loss?

    Is that too much? Not enough?

    Should I take in the morning?

    How much water should I drink?

    Any help would be awesome!

    Thanks people!!

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    You have 60mcg tablets? That's a first for me. Typically one ramps up to 100-120mcgs and goes 2 weeks on, 2 off. Then start back up with the dose you ended with (no ramping). 2 on 2 off. Or run ketofen for 6 weeks, then break. I hate clen and can't recommend it due to the impact it had on me. T3, if that is what you mean by saying ", is better in my personal opinion/experience. Many people use clen and love it. It does have its place for some I guess, but I'm super sensitive to it. Albuterol is a better one for me, but I developed an allergy to it. But it didn't give me the shakes and the other horrid sides clen did. My heart beat was so fast and so violent that it would wake my wife up from her feeling it on the mattress. Just be careful and use caution with anything that effects your heart rate. Hope that was useful.

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    the weight you've already dropped is a fantastic achievement, it also suggests you know about calorie deficits? with a decent calorie deficit and use of clen T5 3lb a week is easily achievable especially with your current body fat level, have you began to slow down loosing weight on your current regime?

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    3lbs per week is quick but not "fast" weight drop. How is your heart health? Being heavy puts additional load on your heart. Clen put WAY more load on your heart. Watch your blood pressure closely as well as your heart. You will be able to drop weight faster than the elasticity of your skin can shrink. If you drop weight too fast, you'll have loose skin hanging off of you. You don't want a belly tongue. Be sensible about your weight loss and be aware of your health.

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    I agree with Scotch. Too fast and loose skin. I prefer an EC stack to clen . I would also add the aspirin to the stack based on your BF.
    You are doing a great job! Keep it up!

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