Hi guys. Very simplistic question that can have a MILLION variables so I will keep it as simple as possible.

Has anyone ever experienced Pancreatitis that you believe was attributed to a cycle you were on?

I was on test, wini, deca , anavar for awhile. But I got injured and couldn't work out anymore. I used to get intermitted back/side pain. Thought it was stones and maybe I wasn't drinking enough water. It would pass in 2-4 days but never passed a stone.

Got off the cycle and all was fine. Until about 6 months later when I was in so much pain and nausea that I was hospitalized. They found out I had acute pancreatitis with no stones or sludge in gall bladder. Fluids and no food for 4 days and I was good to go home.

All is fine, but we decide to have gall bladder out anyways because of lazy gall bladder muscle. Ok fine. 2 weeks go by and I feel great. I re-up and get back on a cycle. Nauseas from day one. Worked out for 8 days like this. Then the pain came back. Pancreatitis. This time we treated it with fluids and anti-nausea medicine and within 3 days I felt great. Started back up again and within 4 days I am nauseas again.

I don't know if its from the cycle(s) or pre-workout drink, or just odd coincidence.

Now I know there are a MILLION questions like dieting, exercise, types of cycle, if the cycle is legit, blood work etc.

My Liver enzymes were high but could be contributed to the pancreatitis I was experiencing. Test number was 1094 and I usually hover around 500-550 with a doctor injected test shot per week. Been on Dr Test shot per week for a year and a half as my test number was 106.

I am 41 years old. I do NOT drink alcohol. I don't use IV drugs. Standard questions for pancreatitis.

So just kinda fishing to see if others have experienced this kind of crap or is it just me.

My cycles are clean with lot numbers and expiration dates. Not bathtub mixed. If that answers any questions before asked.

Thanks in Advance.

P.S. I do understand there is a lot to go into this. I am just looking for the dummy down version if someone else experienced it. Otherwise, I may check back into hospital and have them work me up again. I am just the type of person that if I stop working out it takes me forever to get motivated to get back which is usually a year or two lol and in the meantime I get fat. LOL