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    how to cycle this gear

    last post i made i left out gear so hear it is im looking for a cycle in the fall and one in the spring to come from these goods.
    20cc-50mg winstrol depot/ 50ct winstrol 50mg pills/ 2-10cc bottles of equipoise 200mg/ 1-10cc bot of QV propionate 100mg/100ct d-bol 5mg/plenty of noveldex/clomid/hcg . keep in mind orals no longer than 6 weeks and no two orals together. I know this is asking alot but any help would be great.

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    pretty sure you need more test..(enan/cyp) and more d-bol. how long of a cycle are you wanting to do?

    pm me and ill get to it thurs. im gettin some rest. later bro
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