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Thread: AI during cycle, double dose for PCT

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    AI during cycle, double dose for PCT

    What do you think about taking the standard dose of Arimidex during cycle (0.25mg EOD) for 12 weeks, and then doubling the dosage for 4-6 weeks of PCT (0.25mg ED)? I've been reading Pheedro's PCT thread and supposedly Arimidex helps really well during PCT to compliment Clomid and Novla. Pheedro recommends 0.25mg ED for PCT.

    I'm not going to cycle again until January or February, and I'm gonna do 5 different AAS's, but I'm going to be focusing more on PCT than on the actual cycle. I've no problem gaining 20 pounds on a steroid cycle, but I'm more concerned with how much of it I still have about 2 months after PCT. I'll be chuffed if I still have an extra six or seven pounds of muscle 2 months after PCT. I might even look into taking Clenbuterol during PCT for its anti-catabolic effect, not sure yet.

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    Crashing your E2 when you're body is struggling to restart and produce testosterone is not the brightest move, imho. Serms, clomid in particular, already trick the hypothalamus into thinking there's no estrogen and thus it ramps up production of GnRH in effort to stimulate the pituitary. Reducing your estrogen to an unhealthy level may temporarily allow a small rise in T levels but it's short lived and uneccessary considering how you may feel doing so.
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