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    High natural test and steroids

    Just wondering, if a men whit high test start to take steroids will his body tolerate better the effects of steroids and get less sides?

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    Doesn't really matter.
    Do your blood work before and 5-6 weeks into the cycle. That will give you the real answers.
    You won't be 'hypersensitive' to test tho.

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    The reaction to exogenous Test seems to depend on the individual. Some tolerate it better than others. The same goes for individuals with high natural Test.

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    Someone could have a 700 test level and feel shitty because they are naturally 900 but never knew because the bloodwork is only done when the low t sides are felt. Also a guy with 400 natty test levels might still be able to pack on size better than the 700 guy. Everyones different thats why we all need our own baseline numbers. So no i dont think naturally "high" test levels makes a difference when it comes to sides. Cant always predict this stuff!

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