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    FIRST week of first cycle should I come off? and how should I

    Ht 6,2 Weight 210. Age 19
    Cycle: wk 1-8 Test E 250mg/ 2x a week
    wk 1-5 DBol 20-30 mg a day
    wk 1-8 Adex .5 EOD
    PCT clomid not sure on dosage yet
    exactly 7 days into cycle.

    Im trying not to have permanent damage to my health/test levels but still want to get big . I am getting test flu after pinning with fever. My Unit isnít getting rock hard. Its like my d has a hangover. Iím getting good pumps but i donít know if i should continue. Also, may or may not be loosing hair i could just be paranoid. Any advice would be great.

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    you should stop. too young
    I'll let others chime in if you do a pct at all

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    Way too young. You haven't reached your own limits yet. You are 19 bro.. jeez!

    Test flu is totally normal - you aren't losing hair after 1 pin.
    Dbol and test are shutting you down which explains your dick problems. Drop the Dbol, it's a nasty drug anyway and if you're not man enough to get through the test flu then drop it all together.
    If you want to keep running, ride out the test-flu, drop the dbol and run test at 300-400mg. Get blood work done and run a proper PCT.
    Your PCT should be part of the cycle and is just as important as sticking needles in your ass.

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    Too Young. Learn how to eat and utilize your natural test levels. You will gain more now without exogenous testosterone than you will later on when you do cycle at the proper age. Plus see nothing about HCG . Your suppressing yourself and on your way to testicular atrophy.

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    Just stop immediately. No pct needed unless you foolishly continue.
    -*- NO SOURCE CHECKS -*-

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    listen to Kel.

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    If you don't want to chance permanent damage, stop. Parts of your body has not matured yet, you can do permanent damage if you continue

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    Goddamn why is this a weekly thing? Teens coming after they start a cycle asking how to come off. Do your research before doing harm! There's another post like this every week!

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