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Thread: Still gains at week 12. Should I extend cycle?

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    Still gains at week 12. Should I extend cycle?

    3rd cycle (550mgTest/320mgDeca)
    I ran Deca (for the 1st time) somewhere around 320mg per week for 9.5 weeks. I'm currently finishing week 11 with 550mg of Test E and I'm still making gains (minor, but still making). Tomorrow I start what would be the 12th and last week. Is it worth it to stay on test for one or two more weeks and make it a 13-14weeks cycle? Or is it just a waste of time and will make recovery harder?

    I have not failed to have my hcg and AI, by the way.


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    IMOP my health would come 1st 12 weeks is plenty time to restart your system.
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    Unless you are willing to go on trt for life then no
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    Always resist temptation and stick to the plan. Plenty of time to blast still. As long as you keep calories up you'll still make great progress.
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    What did your mid cycle BW show? If you didn't pull any then it's time to come off.
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    Save yourself the 'headaches' that come from long cycles like this.
    The exact thing you are thinking about got me on TRT for the rest of my life. Unfortunately I never got a script from a doc and got it over the counter, but now I had to move to another country and have to start going to doctors and find trustworthy UGL in the EU.
    If sure was fun to blast and cruise for years, but now I am on my last 2 ampules of Test from Beyer and already feel like a tweaker looking for sources.
    Put your health first.. those few extra pounds aren't worth the damage.
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