Im new and new to taking roids... So ive been taking deca 200 and test/ eq 200. Simple beginner i guess. 2cc total. 1cc of ea. So i injected it 3 times into my hip (yes i know its stupid but its a rookie mistake) i had no symptoms just the reg roid ones.. then i stupidly did it a 4th time (again a mistake on my part, rip me apart for doing so). I got an infection (healed) and i believe cellulitis (red looking rash thing with puffiness around the edges and itching). So i got on antibiotics and a few days later i decided to test the injection process on the other side but in the glute max this time after looking at several fourms on here. Again... i got infected. But here is the kicker... none of this happened (on both) untill a few days after the injection. Which confused the crud out of me. I was so conserned cause one i had an infection so i went to the ER. My other mistake was being too chicken s--- to tell them i injected, since this is my first cycle and I absolutely do not trust drs (ive had several bad experiences with them). I do trust them for med advice but not on a personal level, just to be clear. I literally had no clue what was going on because i had done 3 injections perfectly with out any symptoms or allergic reactions. I was in there for 5 effing miserable days lying my butt off (which i shouldnt have done). I finally got out today (8/29) and still have the huge red marks that are slightly darker.
What did i do wrong?! I was very sanitary, i did the injection process to the dot (even heating the oil), but dsomething went wrong. Is it brusing of the muscle...? Too much in the injection? I literally have scowered the crap out of the fourms and can not find a similar post. Heck i even contacted who i bought the stuff from and asked what oil was used. But i still cant get over that it took well over 72 hrs to show any reaction in the way it did.
Is there any way of counter acting the affects or is it just antibiotics... ?
i dont think its bad gear either...
Btw im bad at fourm posting so bare in mind with me.