First, I appreciate all answers and advice but I request your advice on my sarm cycle.

So I won't be posting information on my stats but I have been lifting for 2-3 years. Last 5-6 months I have gotten serious (workouts/diet). This is my first time doing a cycle of anything and my goal is to bulk. Below is my plan using the Sarms , LGD-4033 at 10mg ED and RAD-140 10mg ED.

Both the sources of my sarms and serms are genuine and of high quality.

My main concern is my PCT plan. I would rather stay away from a test booster of any kind and would much prefer to stick with Clomid/Nolva low doses. Note that I am only using 10MG/day of RAD-140 rather than the average & recommended dosage of 20MG since I am also taking LGD.
Here it goes:

1-12 LGD-4033, 10MG per day dosed in the A.M.
1-12 RAD-140,10MG per day dosed in the A.M.

PCT (4 week)
13-16 Clomid, 12.5MG per day.
13-16 Nolvadex , 10MG per day.

Again my main question would be if my PCT plan would suffice since I would rather not use a test booster or anything else.