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    first time sust/winny help...

    I have been researching this stuff for the past month and if you guys could give some input on one thing, i'd appreciate it.

    This is my first cycle. Plan to do Sust + Winny (oral) with HCG at the end.

    The question is whether to do the winny at the same time as the sust or immediately following or overlap at the end of the sust?

    I'm 31, 5'9, 165, 31-32w, 44c. Am not looking to get huge, just a little bigger and more cut.

    1 - sust 250
    2 - sust 250
    3 - sust 500
    4 - sust 500
    5 - sust 500
    6 - sust 250
    7 - sust 250

    Any critique or advice appreciated. Have 5mg winny tabs - much as I need.

    Thanks guys!

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    5'9 and 165 seems pretty cut to me.

    IMO i wouldn't go with winstrol , b/c i think there are better compounds out there for ya with your goals.

    the sust needs to be injected every 4 days so however you may decide to consume, base it off that. If you are getting amps, and do not want to consume anymore than you mentioned, maybe shot 1/2 cc every 3days.

    good luck.

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