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Thread: Just starting and needs somne guidance

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    Just starting and needs somne guidance

    Hello everyone,

    I am new here and I am just educating myself a little. I am 47 and looking to gain muscle and lean out, I was told by a friend at work that I should try some Anavar 25mg and Propionate 200 - LaPharma. I just want to get other opinions.
    If anyone can chime in I would greatly appreciate it.

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    what are your stats (ht, bw,etc), how long have you been training.

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    STATS and DON'T listen to friends! aas isn't a diet aid cardio and proper eating will get you there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by songdog View Post
    STATS and DON'T listen to friends! aas isn't a diet aid cardio and proper eating will get you there.
    ^^^^^THIS x1000. And at your age, I'm trusting you when you say you're here to educate yourself. You came to the right place. Keep reading and doing your homework with the sticky threads. Here's one that's a good read:

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    To further PT's response. You will want to have cholesterol levels and blood pressure at healthy levels and body fat below 15% prior to using AAS.

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    Hi Lrgone. You're 47. Step one is full blood work. Visit the HRT Forum's Finding A Doc Sticky thread and try to get the first set of BW there. See how you're holding up (hormone wise and all else) and then make an informed decision about either a cycle or pursuing TRT if needed. Main thing is to establish baselines to work with.
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