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    Cycle recommendations

    Whats going on everyone? So i'm planning on starting up a new cycle here soon. I've run two cycles of test and tren e before with pretty great results. I purchased my Test E and Tren E, dude was getting out of the game and basically gave me some extra free stuff.
    So my question is, with what i have, how would some of y'all recommend stacking them.
    Here what i got:
    1- Tren E(200mg/ml) X2 bottles
    2- Test E(250mg/ml) X2
    3- Deca (300mg/ml) X1
    4- T400(400mg/ml) X1
    5- Prop100(100mg/ml) X1
    6- Turilan tabs(10mg)x100
    7- Methadex tabs(10mg)x100
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    Well all I can say is you started out wrong tren isn't needed for at least your 6 or 7th cycle you are doing things backwards.

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    I'd echo what songdog said. And if you've already cycled and got good results, why change? No need in adding more compounds and acclimating your body to too many compounds. Once you go down that road, the simplest cycles don't feel good enough anymore. And honestly, the simpler the cycle is, the better it is. Test only is still (and always will be) the universal go to, regardless of cycle experience. I'd say a simple testosterone blast and the needed ancillaries, hcg , and pct would be your best bet.

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