Background: Been on and off gear for approximately 10 years. Mostly used only test. Have used win/tren /deca /equi (not at once of course) in various cycles. I was prescribed test at a relatively young age due to a head injury (to make a long story short). Was on it for many years until my pituitary gland healed. Since then, have been running primarily blasts once or twice a year.

My previous blast was 400 trenA/750 testC. I cruised at 250 testC between and am currently on 250 mg/week of test and 50 mg var ED. My problem is that I am getting fairly fatigued throughout the day. Nutrition, water, and sleep have been on track and nothing else has changed. I haven't ran bloods yet, but plan on this week. Only other oral I have run was Win and it is produced similar sides except far, far worse and was coupled with dry joints to the point of limping. Needless to say I had to drop the cycle with win.

I am nervous that this is going to happen with Var. I know this seems strange as it is considered mild. Have read of others having fatigue but it is usually to them not pinning test with it. I am running milk thistle with it and am going to make some tudca capsules as well.

Anyone heard of this or any idea why this is happening? Am I just super sensitive to orals? What blood panel would you have done and should I primarily be looking at my hepatic function panel?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.