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Thread: is ok to use dbol week 13 to 15 on 12 week cyckle of test enanthate

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    is ok to use dbol week 13 to 15 on 12 week cyckle of test enanthate

    is a good idea to use dbol 25 mg week 13 to 15 on 12 week cycle of test enanathate to maintain levels. takeing test at 600 every 6 days. Takeing dbol 25mg weeks 1. To 4 and test e weeks 1 to 12 would dbol be OK 13 to 15 this will leave about 2 to 3 days of test still to clear. I will start pct at t his time. Is this a good idea based on what i have available. If not why. Thank you.

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    You're risking it a little and trusting that the test will be clear on time. Our bodies metastasize these hormones differently in many cases. I world do it the first 4 or the last 4. You'll have the same benefit either or regarding dbol . On the last pin, I would focus on allowing your body to normalize and just get back to 100%. Hope That helped.

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    I've heard of guys taking low dose dbol during pct before. Idk how it would affect ur recovery. And I've never done it. If it were me I would either take it the last few weeks of ur cy or to keep the gains coming or just save it for ur next cycle to kick start.

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    The rest period between your last injection and PCT is time for your body to lower the exogenous Test in your system. Taking Dbol would disrupt that process. Don't take anything and just let your body rest before starting PCT.
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