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Thread: Second cycle advice

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    Second cycle advice

    Hi everyone.

    I am looking for an advice on my test dosage for my second cycle. I donít stack anything just a test cycle. My first cycle I ran 200mgx2 test cyp a week with 1000mcg b12 methylcobalamin injection day for 16 weeks. With first 4 weeks .25 Adex after 4 weeks I had to bump Adex to .50 due to high estrogen. And I produced great results from it and kept my gains.

    My question is I am planning on a second test only cycle with b12 again but this time for a 12 week cycle. What my test dose should be? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Little back ground on me:

    I am 39 years old 193 lbs with 16% bf. I ve been on hrt for the past 4 years at 150 mg test a week with .25 mg an Anastrozole twice a week. All my gear is pharmacy grade and cycle supplements was identical to Austinites supplement guide.

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    Did you get good results with the 400/wk of test last time? If so why not run it again with HCG and adex. Good that you are pulling labs and monitoring estrogen. Are you checking your blood counts as well?
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    Yes I did get good results with it. I put on about good 6 to 7 pounds of lean muscle with it. Only reason I was asking if I bumped it up how much I should bump it up. And yes I get blood work done regularly. End of cycle blood work RBC was borderline high as well as the liver panel AST and ALT. but they are back to normal now.

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