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Thread: Bunk Gear?!

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    Bunk Gear?!

    So I'm on day 8 of a cycle of Testosterone Acetate 150mg eod, Trenbolone Acetate 100mg eod, aromasin 12.5mg eod, cabergoline .5mg 2x/wk. So far....I feel nothing. I don't seem to look different, strength is the same, I'm sleeping fine, no side effects, seemingly nothing. The gear came from a trusted local source that has been good in the past, that vouched for the stuff. My suspicions were aroused when the tren seemed lighter in color than most pictures I've seen. More of a true yellow than that dark rust color. I tested it on the Dave palumbo roid test kit and it was positive for tren ace. But I know that test may be unreliable and does not detect the dosages. At what point should I start thinking my gear is bunk? Is it too early to jump to that conclusion? If not, should I get another bloodwork done to confirm?

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    Erm, you should have just finished PCT from your first t cycle but are 8 days into a new one?!?!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Back In Black View Post
    Erm, you should have just finished PCT from your first t cycle but are 8 days into a new one?!?!?
    Finishes first test cycle, a week later starts test/tren cycle...

    This is why we can't have nice things...

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    Give it a few more days see how you feel, i usually feel tren ace after about 10 days

    With that being said, as per above. if you just finished a cycle and haven't had sufficient rest i think you should re-think your plan/approach.

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    I get Tren cough almost every it pin. If you've just finished a cycle, your body might already be at it's peak. Your receptors are tired. You might not see any more gain no matter what you pin.

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    Prop should have kicked in by now, but the tren would take another week to kick in.

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