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Thread: Pct help for first test / tren cycle

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    Pct help for first test / tren cycle

    Alright so Iím looking to start my first tren / rest cycle. Iím currently trying to do more research as far as PCT since I already have my test/tren ready. However my guy I got these from, I no longer have contact with. This is a long stretch but how do I find a pct that will work with this cycle? Is there anything online or even anything supplement shops might carry that can substitute?

    Also if anyone can direct me to a post with more info regarding test / tren cycles itíd be greatly appreciated

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    Test only for a first cycle buddy. Read the successful first cycle sticky.
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    Just google it....good luck....make sure you have ancillaries on hand besides your compounds BEFORE you start

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    Quote Originally Posted by Back In Black View Post
    Test only for a first cycle buddy. Read the successful first cycle sticky.
    25 and already wanta run tren on your first cycle?? Not too smart brother...

    This is the link BIB was ^^ referring to... you surely do not need tren AT ALL!
    Test only as you don't even know how your going to react to that itself let alone tren which has the most sides of any other compound and they're very real side effects!!!

    What was your plan btw? PCT? hCG /AI/& DA while on that cycle?

    If running test only like you should what ancillaries will you run? AI/hCG and knowing when to drop them?? Elaborate please?

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