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    .5cc deca biweekly, good idea?

    Ok now that I have your attention here is the situation. First off a little about my self. Im 20 years old 6 foot, 160(skinny I know) and have been lifting weights for 3 years. I just really got into it all(nutrition and research) about a year ago. Now I already know that I dont have the genetics to be a massive body builder with 25 inch arms and thighs that look like tree trunks. Although over the years I have had many hobbies and body building seems to be the only one I have a true passion for. So any way that brings me to my question. I have already taken two .5cc injections of Noradren200 (Deca Durabolin ) In two week intervals. I was orignialy going to parmid up the injections with some tes. eth., but then I decided that I still have so much natural potential that I would wait a few years. Its been almost a month and i can tell a major increase in my appitite as well as my energy levels. I've been super motivated to get in the gym and I get real nice pumps. So my question is would it be that benifical to continue the bi weekly .5cc of deca and if so for how long. Or should I just discontinue my cycle and wait. Now I know that its my choise, I just whan to here your opinion. thanks in advance.

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    At 20 you should quit, deca shut the hpta down hard and at your age it could effect you for life. Your shutting down your hormonal system when it's not fully developed, which could cause problems in the future or sooner.

    Your hormones are at the highest they'll ever be in life take advantage of them. You need to learn how to eat first beofre juicing.


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    JohnnyB is the man. Listen to him-he knows what he is talkin about.

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    Yeah, JohnnyB always puts it best. Take his advice. You have so much more to still gain naturally, why rob yourself?

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    im with jb. you should wait.(22-23) .5cc isnt enough anyway. you should do what you can naturally first and while doin that read up a lot and keep lookin at this site. learn as much as possible. then when it is time you will know what and how much to do. later bro.

    ps keep eating, you still have some growing to do off of it.

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