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    Blood work results are in: need analysis!!

    Just received the results of my blood work (performed through private MD lab, blood drawn at a labcorp).
    The blood was drawn on day 17 of a cycle of Testosterone Acetate 150mg EOD, and Trenbolone Acetate 100mg EOD, Aromasin 12.5mg EOD, Cabergoline .5mg 2x/Wk. I got the test done at this time on a suspicion that the gear may have been bunk or under dosed. I am only going to include readings that were flagged as "HIGH or LOW" in the results. The results are as follows:

    BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen): 22
    Creatinine, Serum: 1.28
    AST (SGOT): 57
    ALT (SGPT): 68

    Total Testosterone: 1954.8
    Free Testosterone: 45.1
    Serum Testosterone: >1500

    Leutinizing Hormone: <.2 (LOW)
    FSH, Serum: <.2 (LOW)
    Estradiol: 97.5

    A few questions: what are AST (SGOT) and ALT (SGPT), and what does it mean that they have been flagged as high? Also, what does it mean for me that the creatinine and BUN are flagged high?

    As for the test levels, would these levels be indicative that my test is in fact dosed properly? Or should I have expected them to be higher at 150 eod?

    And as for the leutinizing hormone and FSH being that low, is that to be expected on cycle?

    As for the estradiol levels, I have experienced no estrogen related sides (no gyno, water bloat), but I've heard tren can give a false positive on estrogen.

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    So wait you say you were doing Tren and test? WELL. Your test levels are pretty damn high. Not high enough for a good cycle but high enough that your 3 times higher than the average person. I think I read the average 21 year old has like 675 Total Test so YEAH. Your 3 times higher than a 21 year old.

    What is disconcerting is that its possible that maybe it is the tren that was bunk and not the test. You should of seen larger effects if you were taking tren and test.

    The more I'm looking at your numbers the more I'm wondering you you took only test or your just that out of tune with your body. The tren should be super powerful if it was real... your taking like 525 mg of test a week.. same with tren. The tren is 5 times stronger than the Test so you should be seeing big effects here.

    How experienced are you exactly? If this is your first cycle you need to know steroids arent magic like people think. It is kind of magical and incredible but its not as overnight a transition as people think. You can make incredible gains but still... you won't turn into hulk hogan unless you train on steroids for a very long time and even then have great genetics.

    Think on whether you got the tren and test from the same source. The bottles come from the same manufacturer. At this point there is only two possibilities.. you dont have tren in your body or you are very unaware as to the processes of your body. Need more info.
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