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    How much DECA should one add to help joints?

    If one is on a cycle, how much DECA would be needed to help the joints. EQ-test cycles make my joints hurt. Especially the elbow. I think its from the EQ. If I want to do an eq-test cycle how much deca would be needed to help my joints?

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    I notice relief on just 200mg a week.

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    i seriously think the pain in the joints is not from the eq but from the joint itself. its probably not used to the weight or work load you can do or have now. id do between 300-450mg/wk and you should lose a lot of the pain pluss gain some added size.

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    Most fellas I know run @200mg/wk and say it's great. One fella told me he runs it at 100mg/wk for joints and works for him, maybe he's blowing smoke up my....

    but then everyone is diff.

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    For the situation of joint pain would anyone run say 200mg of deca with a cycle consisting of test eth. 500mg/wk and eq 400mg/wk? Seeing that the deca and eq would be doing oppisite things. Or is the deca dosage low enough to not effect the test/eq cycle? I have been considering running this and welcome feedback.

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