I will try to explain in as few words as possible my situation.
42yo lifting and training for 5 years now. One previous cycle 12 weeks 500mg Test E and 600mg Primo per week 9 months ago
My cycle is getting interrupted by and unplanned international vacation that will last 8 days most of which will be on a boat fishing.
Schedule was
week 1-14 600mg Test Cyp
week 1-14 600mg EQ
week 4 I got HGH and am now at 5iu per day I plan on running this for 6-8months with 25mg T3 and 100mg T4
my trip will occur on week 12
I keep a clean diet (except on vacation), lift and swim, bike or run every day.

I have all sorts of short ester gear...mast p, test p, npp, and var (tren also, but I am in no hurry to try that)
no doubt I will put on some fat in those 8 days so I was thinking of a 4 week cut and harden up with the short acting gear.
Does this make sense?
I figure I should be good for the 8 days with long ester Test and EQ?
What will be the effect of 8 days with no GH?
Any advice or opinion would be most helpful.