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Thread: Magic strength?

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    Question Magic strength?

    I have started on decca. I thought that taking this and doing my same workout would give me huge gains but after two, four week cycles, I have not gained much at all, only about 7lbs. Could anyone give me some advice? Do these actually work?

    -represent the S.E.E.C.C.

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    This should be in the steroid forum.

    Did you run the deca for 4 weeks then stop then started again?

    If so you're not running the cycle corectly. What are your stats: Age, weight

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    They work only when run properly bro. If i were you Id stay away from AAS until i learned more about them. Check out the drug profiles on the mainpage and read the educational forums. ALso give us some background like your diet, training routine, experience, age, height, weight, etc etc. Then we can help you more

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    deca only cycles are no bueno bro, not only will you not beable to get your junk up, but most gains on deca alone are strength gains with about 7 to 9 lbs water weight.

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    Hey hornygoatweed wuts up bro?
    Haven't talked to you for a while... btw ur an idiot!
    Listen to me the next time I recommend a cycle thats good lol... give me a call or I'm going to kick ur ass!

    Peace bro,

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