I lost the original thread but this is just a little update on the soar throat thing.
went and got a shot of steroids and a shot of antiobiotics yesterday,

woke up with a bit of cotton mouth but other than that the imfamous soar throat that water burnt is gone, and energy is back to where it should be(or close)
doctor still doesnt know what it is or why ( i didint tell here about my sup cycle)
gotta go get another antibiotic shot today then I should be done
some good news is theyve been shooting the shots with 1in 23g needles in my glute-not bad at all so if the sus burns as much as the antibiotic does I can handle a shot a week without a problem(after 4 practice shots at the doctors office)

all is well now tho
thank god for no bullshit doctors that say fuck persctiption pills, lets just kill it here and now ( not bad for a 1 horse town)