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    Post 3rd cycle looking for cutting advice

    Hey guys, first time posting just looking for some advice from people who have personally done cutting cycles but ill give some background on myself for reference.

    29 years old, been lifting roughly 7 to 8 years. Done 2 cycles previously 1st was test e only, 500mg a week for 12 weeks with nolva clomid pct. 2nd was test e 500mg a week with dbol 25mg ed for first 6 weeks, ran hcg and adex throughout and nolva clomid for pct. loved the test e with dbol. Dont feel i would ever want more than that i was more than pleased with the way my body reacted and handled it.
    While on those cycles had bloodwork done before/during and post. While on those cycles i was trained by a close friend who knew the all with steroids . Unfortunately he isnt with us anymore and im kinda on my own. Any personal experience/knowledge would be great, dont trust anything i read on sites and whenever ive asked the guys from gym its always "my mate did this and it worked". Looking for honest personal experience and advice.
    This will be my first cut cycle, as with my bulking ones, i dont want a massive stack with ridiculous ammounts of sarms . Keep it small keep it simple👍

    So my question is what do you guys think would be an easy and basic cutting cycle? Looking to drop into single digit bf%. Diet is on point, bloods in check. Appreciate it guys.
    Honest and constructive critisism is encouraged aswell. Im not a snowflake. Just want to learn and gain knowledge, thanks.

    Age 29. Height 6'4. Weight 90kg. Bf%14
    From Aus, dont know lbs, apologies.

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    The compounds you choose to use for a cut are going to be compounds that act as an 'anti-catabolic' , the whole point is to hold on to muscle mass while you go into a calorie deficit and up your cardio .

    compounds that have a strong ability to partition nutrients are going to be the best anti-catabolics, e.g., Tren and Primo.

    apart from maintaing muscle mass while cutting , burning fat is the next goal . VAR is the only anabolic compound shown to have some directly effects on Lipolysis . so thats an option to add as well . Then go for things that work on beta receptors or raise metabolic rate . so Clen , Yohombie, T3 etc. are other options to stack as well.

    Test 250mg per week
    Primobolan 700mg per week
    Tren 300mg per week
    T3 50mcg per day

    Test 250mg
    Tren 350mg
    Var 50mg per day
    T3 50mcg

    at some point you can add in Yohimbe and fasted cardio. again main goal is to hold on to muscle mass while cutting calories and stripping fat.

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