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Thread: Blood Results

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    Blood Results

    Im currently in week 8 of a twelve week blast500mg per week I am on TRT dosed at 250mg every other week I have just had my blood results back and as this is my first blast I am looking for advice feedback on the results.

    I am also taking 0.5 mg of Arimidex twice a week.

    Thanks in advance.

    Androgens (Serum) Calculated

    Testosterone SHBG Free Testo. FAI

    (10.0 - 35.0) (10 50) (225 -725) (20.0 -160.0)

    nmol/L nmol /L pmol/L

    99.0 33 3291 300.0

    Marked raised calculated free testosterone with detectable estradiol noted.

    Pathologist Dr xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hormones (Serum)

    Oestradiol .: 170 pmol/L (< 190)

    Results repeated and confirmed.

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    I don't quite understand how you have your results laid out, but regarding your TRT protocol it's absolutely horrible which indicates your doctor has zero knowledge of how hormones work in the body. Find a new doctor asap. You'll feel better and make much better progress on a properly set up protocol.
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    The Free Test and Total Test should just be a single number, like your E2 number. What're those numbers?

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