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    IMPORTANT HGH needs help

    hello there,
    i have norditropin hgh 15mg/1.5 ml( 45iu's in a 1.5 ml solution/volume), but I DONT HAVE THE PIN, i only have insulin syringe size .3cc . how much should i take from the hgh to get the 2 iu in my syring? /Users/ahmedalsabban/Desktop/IMG_1928.jpg


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    You're looking at about .07+cc

    If my calculations r correct

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    I laid out the answer for you precisely in the last thread you made with this exact same question .. you misunderstood thinking that a slin pin was something different then an insulin syringe .. they are the same thing

    if you want 2iu worth of your GH solution , then you need to draw to the 7 iu mark on your insulin syringe

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