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    Question Bloods pre-cycle vs mid-cycle, too much E2 Estradiol?

    Hi folks,

    Just had a blood test done mid-cycle about 8 weeks in, and my E2 levels are above reference range and a lot higher than they were pre-cycle.

    Is this still within "normal" range considering i'm on steroids or should i consider upping the dose of Arimidex to bring E2 down?

    My weekly cycle includes:
    500mg Testosterone Enanthate (250mg every 3.5 days)
    600iu hCG over (300iu every 3.5 days)
    0.25 Arimidex EOD (5 days a week)

    Both pre-cycle and mid-cycle bloods were done at the same lab and all results have the same reference range.


    PRE-CYCLE (vs) MID-CYCLE [reference range for both]

    12.2 (vs) 178 nmol/L [6.0 - 28.0]

    Free Testosterone
    290 (vs) >2,000 pmol/L (7,520 approx. calculation) [200 - 600]

    Oestradiol (E2 estradiol)
    114 (vs) 216 pmol/L [<150]

    24 (vs) 20 nmol/L [15 - 50]

    (if you prefer to read results in a different measurement, let me know)

    I should note that the pre-cycle test was done in the afternoon, whereas the mid-cycle had been done in the morning around 9am (and 84 hours after last 250mg test injection). I mention this since the morning is typically the part of the day where your levels are at their highest before naturally declining throughout the day.

    Should i up the dosage of arimidex, and if so by how much?
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