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Thread: Potential Cycle

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    Potential Cycle

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I Acquired gear from a friend who decided to go a different route so this just fell in my lap for next to nothing. Just looking for someones thoughts on the stack, its a premixed blend from Boss Pharma Labs called Octane Plus.

    1-12 - 50mg Test P EOD
    1-12 - 30mg Tren A EOD
    1-12 - 50mg Mast EOD
    1-12 - 60mg EQ EOD
    1-12 - 5mg Anadrol EOD
    8-12 - 50 mg Winstrol

    Arimidex 0.25-0.5 EOD
    Clomid as a PCT

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    Whoa, that's a lot of compounds. If this is your first cycle, just stick with Test.
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    I agree with the above and plus we know nothing about you stats Ht wt yrs training bf% and your goals.

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