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Thread: winny how much?

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    Question winny how much?

    My friend is starting a strait winstrol cycle he weighs 225lbs and is 5'6" tall about 20%bf (samoan) he's looking to get ripped he would really like to do a show. how much winny should he take a week and should he take anything with it that would make his gains come more rapidly? he is currently on a low carb diet eating about 300-400g of protien a day and about 150g of carbs a day. really low fat content as well. also what is the best sized needle to use for the winny? thanks for the help!

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    big& if your mate wants to get cut then why not just change his diet can get cut without gear and winny alone wont do a whole lot....

    get him to eat clean foods, no fizzy drinks like coke etc, no fatty shit AT ALL, no takeaway, no carbs after about 3pm, plenty of water, plenty of fruit and nuts, but man it all comes down to diet and how much he really wants to do this....

    BUT...if he wanted to use gear then try clen or superclen over winny.....just my .20c worth!


    P.S Get A Dog Up Ya!

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    Super S says it all. Your diet is the main control of your results. I promise I tried everyway. Cardio,cardio,cardio ... Has he ever geared up b4?
    EQ, winnie and clen . Dont forget to get clomid it'll help keep your gains. you might want to try HCG in the middle of the cycle.

    If your poking in the glutes then use 1 1/2 inch needles, shoulders, quads use 1 inch. You can drink the winnie and get the same effects, since you use it everyday!
    Use 50mg EVERDAY, thats 350mgs a wk.

    Fast R
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