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Thread: Underdosed sust 250mg eod

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    Underdosed sust 250mg eod

    its quite good its hard to explain though like after one week my lifts increased dramatically..

    and with the slow esters now im on week 6 they're starting to work now in with actually growing its the best of both worlds..

    first u get strength increase after week one and so on then the slow esters kicking in play alot of the role of building the muscle now so ur strength cached up with gains..
    so it gets better over time my muscles day by day get more tight and hard..

    and this is my first cyle ever im running it at nearly 875mg since i inject eod and i havent gotten any negative sids at all and alot of people say to stick at 500 fir first time but everyone is different.. slow esters play a role to not have any sides or atleast less sides

    i started pinning eod cause by the 6th week and i didnt add any weight not even water just strength

    even my friend suspected the sustanon was under-dosed
    cause we are using it same time its called maxpro sust 250 i couldn't get any real info about max pro and not even reviews so we upped our dose to eod which equals nearly 875mg but like it said it would have kept it to 500 mg but the shit is underdosed

    so far so good man no sides yet got ais on hand .. and nolva i take arimidex 0.50 eod

    i keep u guys updated!

    give a multi Esther a try next time guys and you'll see what i mean but a real one lol

    thanks guys any feedback or advice would be appreciated

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    You should really read this this and change your plan accordingly. You are practically begging for side effects and should pray your gear is heavily underdosed. Maybe respect what you are putting into your body rather than blindly doing it.
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    thanks ofc im not begging for sides just like oily skin or a bit of acne just so i i know something is working 6th week in and i got nothing what could be the cause?

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