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Thread: Pinning in the morning vs evening

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    Pinning in the morning vs evening

    In the 3rd week of my first test e cycle and have been pinning in the evening before bed is there any advantage to doing it in the morning?

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    anytime is fine IMHO.
    something with no ester you might want to do pre-workout but a long ester like E or C doesn't really make a difference.

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    I like the mornings simply for the placebo effect, it's like you're jabbing yourself with Superman Secret Sauce ready to go take on the day
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    I like to pin in the morning because I like the fact that now I have the wjole day for oil to move around and such instead of just letting it sit in that one section while I sleep. Muscle movement is great for the pinned section.. Of course that’s why you’re massaging afterwards as well.

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