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    Exclamation First stack cycle

    Hey guys so Iím planning on running my very first stack cycle and I was thinking about adding on
    Anavar along with Test Prop
    I plan on running var for 6-8 weeks at a safe dosage at 50mg a day
    The test p I plan on running 500 a week

    Past cycles -
    1st cycle sustanon 250 pyramid from 200 to 600 a week stable and dropped back down as I was getting close to the end as I ran a 12 week cycle
    I used clomid, nolva, and aromasin for my pct for 30 days
    I did not experience any side effects at all except toward the end I got some back acne but nothing at all. I donít know if it was in my head or what but I had good pumps and became extremely vascular.

    Also I felt like I was on some shit it might have been because I legit had pain in my ass cheeks like they were sore 24/7.
    Gained- 10lbs of lean muscle mass which I lost 3 lbs and kept all my size and strength believe it or not.

    Cycle 2-
    Sustanon 250 by RP4U
    Ran it the same exact way just sayed at 500 a week and did not increase at all to avoid back acne
    I donít know why but this time I felt little more aggressive, I think it was just from the stress Iíve been having with work and stuff but I didnít feel any other side effects just got the same little back acne like I did the first time.
    PCT: clomid, nolva, aromasin for 30 days
    Gained 5lbs lean muscle mass and more strength

    I did not feel like I was on anything which I know is normal for test and I did not feel no pain in any pin.

    Currently at 5í8-9Ē
    165lbs lean

    People tell me I look 180.

    I have been lifting for 7 years on and off by the way and I am 21 years old.

    Only thing Iím worried about with the var is probably lowering my suppression but do you think this would only occur if I wonít stack with test?

    If anyone have any ideas if I should add anything or be worried about something I donít already know let me know.
    Also if I am missing any type of information that will help you understand me please ask.

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    Also forgot to state my pct after my anavar and test p cycle
    Clomid, nolva, and aromasin should be fine?

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    My goal is to be bigger and leaner.
    My body fat is probably 10-13

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    You're 21 and already ran two cycles? How're you feeling now?

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