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    Best cycle for sprinter/athlete

    I am 5'10" and 185 lbs with about 12% bf. My main goal is to get faster, but I would like to cut bf and add just a couple pounds. I have previously used var and ostarine in the past. I am looking for the best possible cycle with low detection times?

    The different ideas that I have seen are var, winny, tbol, test prop, and ostraine and cardarine from sarms . Is one or a couple of these the best option? And if so, what should dosage be?


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    Given you're 23, you won't have many here recommend a cycle for you. You are right at the cusp of your hormonal system being fully matured which is usually around 25. I'd atleast wait until then before going in that direction. There is a good first cycle sticky that would be good for you to read up on and research in the meantime. While waiting you could look up training videos for Luis Badillo Jr. That guy is crazy explosive and is what you want for a sprinter. AAS generally has a tendency to effect your cardio negatively. Some of the better forms are Test-Prop and Tbol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fit_deskjocky View Post
    . AAS generally has a tendency to effect your cardio negatively.
    this is only true at super high bodybuilder dosages. at recommended pharmaceutical dosages most AAS will increase your cardio capacity, increase oxygenation, strength, and facilitate better recovery (all things an athlete would want and the reason why most Olympic athletes run AAS)

    an interesting note, T-bol was invented for the sole purpose of enhancing olympic athletes
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