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Thread: Curious Stack with Tren

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    Curious Stack with Tren

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to hear some opinions on what you like to stack with Tren . What combo do you prefer with your test and tren? + what would you pick btw test prop tren ace win or test prop tren ace epistane

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    that all depends on the goal

    if you want to grow and put on some size while using Tren , then your likely going to need to stack it with a wet estrogenic compound (because Tren does not aromatize to E). you'll need the estrogen and water retention to help you grow.. so higher dosage of Test along with something like MENT, Dbol , or Drol, and very limited AI usage

    if you want to recomp, Harden up or cut , then run Tren with a low TRT dose of test and add in some dry DHT compounds like Masteron and VAR or winny

    I prefer Tren Ace

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