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    First Real Cycle

    Hey guys,

    I'm considering to run a real AAS cycle. I'm 34 yrs and I have been lifting for almost 10 years. However, for the first seven years, due to job and grad school workload I ended up having an intermittent (not serious) training. For the last 3 years, I have been very committed. I was able to increase size, strength, and I got a great deal of knowledge on how nutrition affects my body. Last semester, I ran a PH cycle (Halo + AD-4) for 8 weeks, I was able to gain 13lbs and I kept 8lbs. The PH cycle was great to develop my discipline on meeting daily macros and to fine tune my optimal caloric surplus. I am now at 175 lbs, 5'11'' and 15%bf. It certainly got me hooked to go further.

    For the first semester of 2018, I have in mind to run either a Test E 500mg/week for 12 weeks or a (Sust 350mg + EQ 450mg)/week for 16 weeks. Right now I am inclined to go with the latter, mainly for three reasons. First, as Sust has four different esters, the quality of new muscle may be better. Second, EQ has a lower androgynous rate than test. Third, a longer cycle of 16 weeks, that is the general recommendation for EQ, may help me cement the gains compared to a shorter cycle of 12 weeks. My main goal is to maximize how much I can keep in the long run, rather than just bloat and burst. Of course, as I am in my mid 30's it will be more difficult to drastically improve my body, but I believe that with hard work, persistence and some years, I may be able to get there.

    My main concern on running a AAS is the ability of my body to produce test on normal levels after PCT is completed. I don't have children now and I'm not planning to have one on the next two years. However, my wife and I plan to have one three or four years from now. I'm worried that cycling may impair my reproduction abilities. I did a blood test last month and my Testosterone is at 692 ng/dL, free Test is at 88.8 pg/mL, and Test(bioavailable) is at 178.8 ng/dL. Therefore, all seems OK as of now, but I would like to assess what are the risks I will be running.

    Well, I am new to all this and, although I have been doing some research, I would like to know you opinion about my plan.

    Thanks in advance

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    Read the sticky for ;my first cycle planning;

    All the info you need

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    Agree with this

    That sticky is gold!

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    Gains factory
    Stickies ftw

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