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    Need some help. Cycle info included.

    I'm 47, and been on HRT 200mg Test every 10ndays for several years, with cycles sprinkled in.

    Currently i am looking to cut for the beach, but this time is a bit more difficult. I'm sure not running (too cold) outside is part of it, but my questions surround the cycle.

    5'9 200 18%

    400 eq 1x week
    400 cyp 1x week
    Clen 10mg daily
    Stane where needed

    In my 4th week

    1700-2000 calories per day w low carb

    Lifting 6 days a week. 12-15 reps per lift. 20-25 sets per day, with jump rope or and between sets.

    Stairs for 20-30 min 4 days a week, with some hit.

    Why am I gaining 2 lbs a week, when I'm trying go the other way?


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    you've gone from 140mg test per week to 400mg test per week, 400mg EQ per week, and you are sporadically using an AI.

    My guess is you are simply holding more water.
    I would run your aromasin at 12.5mg ED.

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