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    Question Primo

    I just got my hands on some sherring primos 24 of them and i was thinking about running them 2 a week for 12 weeks but i am unsure and it took me a long time to get them so i wanna do it right so should i just take them alone or throw in something with them i dont wanna throw any sort of test in i just wanna get really shredded and from people i know who took them it works great. am i goin about this the right way and if i wanna run them by them selves how should i do them???

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    primo is best used with other steroids . If your only goal is to get ripped, throw in something like clen or winstrol . In my opinion I think you should run them at 300mg's for 8 weeks and throw some test prop in there. If you are running the primo solo you need to bump the dosage up. 200mg's a week isnt gonna give you much, try running atleast 400-500mgs.

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    You can use as little as 200mgs a week primo and 200mgs a week winstrol and get good results. Thats about the smallest dose that will still produce good results for you.

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    primo should be done atleast 400mg a week bro and throw some sust 250 @ 500mg a week ull be a beast.. if your looking to cut shoot winni 100mg eod.. ull be good to go

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