i am on a 10 wk cycle:

1-4 dbol 30mg /ED
1-10 sust 500/wk
1-10 eq 400/wk

i've gained about 23lbs so far, and i'm finished week 4. Some sweet strength gains, and relatively low side effects. I took proscar for my hair, and NO PROBLEMS. But, my back is killing me... it's horrible pain.. and the pumps.. well.. ouch.

anyways, my question is to verify that is the sustanon gonna kick in week 5? 6? I;ve noticed some shrinkage, but nothing HUGE.. like some claim.. i've got a good diet.. ran it by a few bros in my previous threads, and everything checked out ok.

also, should i think about extending the cycle to 12 weeks?

oh, and i have noticed that i get very minimal soreness with the sust glute injections now. is that normal as you get used to the shots?