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    help please: Interpreting Blood test results and planning more tests.

    Some Bloods are in. these were free for me, so i save a couple bucks. need the rest. should i get anything else to prepare for a deca , test, dbol , and peptide cycle? the suggestions i got are below my blood results.

    got a lipid panel
    Cholesterol 129 range 0 -200
    trigl 43 range 0 - 150
    HDL 37 low range > 40 <<<<<<<<so this is a little concerning. i need to fix this don't i?
    ldl 83 range 0 - 100

    here is my metabolic panel
    Glucose 99 range 70 - 99 / i was fasting too (this seems bad)
    Urea nitrogen 19 range 7 - 21 <----------this pretty good?
    creatine .984 range .68 - 1.17 <-----------looks good?
    gfr 87.1 range -
    sodium 139 range 136 - 145
    potassium 4.5 range 3.5 - 4.7 (this is good? little high end better?)
    chloride 105 range 98 -107
    carbon dioxide 29 range 21 - 32
    calcium 8.5 range 8.5 - 10.1 (seems low for somebody juicing. on TRT at the moment 250mg / week.)
    asparte amino 28 range 10 - 37
    alanine amino 42 range 10 - 65 (what's this. i know alanine is a sup. anything to do with cortisol output?
    alkaline phos 81 range 45 - 117
    bilirubin .3 range .2 - 1 <-------------great news yea?
    protein 7.8 range 6.4 - 8.2 <-----------------(it's very bad when this is high right? or does it just mean somebody could be in keto and not exercising enough?)
    albumin 4.0 range 3.4 - 5.0 <-----this mean anything?

    Quote Originally Posted by GearHeaded View Post
    you just need to get a basic CBC and liver kidney function test. make sure liver enzymes aren't super elevated, creatinine levels are in range, HDL/LDL are in range, as well as RBC, hemoglobin, and hematocrit.
    if those things are all in range then your good to go for your next cycle

    if you got the extra $ you can always add in hormone testing, thyroid , total and free test, e2 , just to see where your at with your TRT protocol

    I would add in TUDCA for liver support, maybe some alpha lipoic acid as well

    also being your running GH releasing peptides it would be good for you to monitor your blood sugar. glucose meter can be picked up at Walmart for 10 bucks
    so the CBC test is incomplete? or good enough?
    liver function is done?
    kidney is not done, or is it?
    creatine and HDL / LDL are done
    RBC is not done? or good enough? seems that oxygen and carbon dioxide are influence by RBC, so can it be that RBC is done? based on my O2 and CO2 levels?

    then obviously i have to get my TRT protocol tests done still.

    I almost posted this stuff in the diet and nutrition section, but after searching up where all the other blood posts went here i am. where it all began.
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    anybody good at reading bloods / has experience / has a working background?

    i know what the doc said. HDL is a little low.

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