New to the forums, I have a question I need resolving since I canít seem to find an answer at all. I am a competitive powerlifter and competed natural for 15 years . Recently diagnosed with hemochromatosis . Before this I was planning my first test cycle being that I donít want to be natural anymore . It seems Iíve reached my genetic potential and I want to be beyond that now. Iím 32 years old, 5í7, bw 198. The doctor said I had high iron. I had 4 phlebotomys done to put this at a normal level. I have all the symptoms of low t and my free test is 400, total is 550. Doc said if I took any testosterone whatsoever I would most likely have a heart attack due to hemochromatosis . He also said it attacks the pituitary and also kills testosterone . If anyone has this genetic disorder and takes any testosterone please help me out with Answers. Iíve searched on here in forums and doesnít quite help me since most are not specific . Thanks