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    Starting 1st cycle after two years of TRT. All advice welcome

    Hey guys,

    I have been on trt for the last two years. I currently run test cyp 100mg on Monday and Thursday with .75mg of anastrozole on same days as my shots. The .75 keeps my E2 right in the sweet spot.

    I am 33 years old 6í3 and weigh 212lbs. 14% bf. I got back into training a year ago and have been very dedicated to both the gym and my diet the last 8 months.
    If anyone is interested in my macro breakdown or split at the gym please ask Iíll be more than happy to post.

    Next week I plan on starting my first real cycle. Which is as follows.

    Weeks 1-14 test cyp 500mg between two shots.
    Weeks 1-14 cardarine 20mg a day
    Weeks 1-14 anastrozole 1mg on same day as test shots

    I do not really atrophy on my trt dose but do have hcg if needed. Also, my PCT will be to just go back to a trt dose of 150mg of test cyp a week.

    Also depending how my cycle is going I might decide to run winny at 50mg a day for weeks 8-14.

    All advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    If this is your first cycle just follow the Successful First Cycle thread at the top of the AAS Q & A Forum. When it comes to HCG it's about far more that atrophy. It keeps your testicals functioning which they are currently not doing. It should be a part of any TRT protocol and maintained through cycles as well.

    You also don't need that much adex. Just go with .25 mgs eod and you'll be fine. 2 grams is way to much and will probably crush your E2. Your E2 is always healthier at the higher end than at the lower end. You'll make better gains with it higher as well.

    Welcome to the forum.
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