Hi Guys and gals

After reading on the sidelines for some time, this is my first post here.

I'm doing my 4th cycle, the first one where some years ago, but the others have been taken within the last year.

I want to hear what you say about this cycle composition I have just started, and then I have an additional question that Ill get back to

1st cycle (15 years ago)
Week 1-8 Test E
Week 1-8 Deca

2nd cycle (about a year ago)
Week 1-9 Sustanon 250mg E3D
Week 1-9 deca 300mg E6D
A little Nolva midway against sore nipples
Day 1-16 HCG 2500iu E3D
Day 1-30 Clomid 50mg ED
Day 1-45 Nolvadex 20mg ED

3. cycle
Week 1-8 Test P 100mg EOD
Week 1-2 Tren A 50mg EOD
Week 3-8 Tren A 75mg EOD
Week 1-8 Anastrozole 1mg EOD
Day 1-16 HCG 2500iu E3D
Day 1-30 Clomid 100mg ED
Day 1-45 Nolvadex 20mg ED

4. cycle (Started just over a week ago)
Week 1-12 Sustanon 250mg E3D
Week 1-12 Deca 250mg E3D
Week 1-7 Dbol 30mg ED
Week 1-12 Anastrozole 1mg EOD
Week 1-12 HCG 350iu E3D
Day 1-30 Aromasin 25mg ED
Day 1-45 Nolvadex 20mg ED

The reason I want to run HCG in my MCT is that, due to my age, I'm recovering really slow after a cycle, even with a thorough PCT, so now I try to prevent instead of healing

42 years old
Trained for 4-5 years when I was younger, then had a long break, and then started again about 2 years ago.
Weight 80kg (-When I'm OFF - Have been around 85kg when I was ON.)
Height 180cm
BF fluctuates between 6-8.5% (under 6 when I was on Tren A).

Let me hear what you think

Additional question:
Right after I started the 4th cycle, I had to travel out of the country for what should be 6 days. Super inconvinient when I had just started a new cycle, but there was not much to do about it.
To avoid taking drugs across the border, I shot twice on the day of departure (which was my normal injection day), and would then shoot again when I got home on the 6th day, so it would only be one shot I would miss. I have done this previously with success.

Then it happens that my trip is unexpectedly shortened so I'm only gone for 2 days and should - if I had followed my normal plan - have shot again tomorrow.
The question now is:
should I shoot normally tomorrow, even though I shot twice the dose 3 days ago?
should I shoot a smaller dose than usual?
should I dont shoot at all?

Im thinking what would be best for my blood values? - What does the panel say?

PS: Sorry about my horrible English grama