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Thread: Worthwhile to cycle to get back into things? or wait?

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    Worthwhile to cycle to get back into things? or wait?

    Hey guys,

    I've fallen off in the gym these past few months while I have been in the midst of starting a business. I've lost a lot of weight (and muscle mass) and as I am getting back into the gym more regularly I have been considering hopping on a cycle to speed things up a bit. I get that this is vanity reasoning but also tbh thats why most of you guys are "on" as well. So, I'm wondering what you guys think from a scientific approach.

    I'm 27, 3 cycles of experience.Last year, I was getting ready to get on a Test/EQ 16 week-er however, it took forever to get all my stuff ready (as far as acquisition) and as months past and as I was missing more and more gym sessions I decided I wouldnt get on cycle unless I was committed to the gym as it would be a waste. Fastforward now is about 18mos later and i've lost 15 lbs. To be honest with you guys the weight loss has affected me not only physically but mentally as well, not only am I smaller in size but obviously much weaker in strength, which makes me frustrated with myself while in the gym, struggling with weight I used to toss around. I'm not a huge guy to begin with, I played football in college and was training for performance, so been more of a strength athlete.

    My question is, I want to get back into things hardcore, I would expect a cycle to not only increase the speed of my gains but obviously it would induce a confidence in the gym and take me back to loving to workout....right now i'm really not loving it because I'm honestly just not where I want to be, I've let myself become really weak (maybe not to others, but relative to myself previously). When I was training hard I was consistently gym-ing about 5-6 times a week, then went a full year of 1-2 sessions weekly, now for about 8 weeks I have been back into it 5 days/week, I'm making quick strength gains but I'm struggling with the size (a lot of this has to do with my appetite not being back yet so if any of you have suggestions for that one let me know). I'm wondering, should I go ahead and jump on the stack I was planning to do? Or would it benefit me more to hold off another few months? Bare in mind that I am an experienced lifter/athlete, I'd call myself a "serious" lifter between ages 16-26, and also I am already lean right now, about 9-11%bf (can see all 8 abs with decent definition), so I would optimistically like to bulk but I want to clean bulk and stay lean. My goal with this cycle is really only to gain back what I lost before, not get 30lbs heavier or anything like that.


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    Personally, Id take a few weeks (at least) to get back into the habit of proper training before starting a cycle. No sense in throwing too many irons in the fire at once, when it comes to redeveloping habits.

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    I would be in the gym for at least 6 months before you cycle. This sets your workout routine, diet, and your overall mental awareness of your body. I believe you need all three to run a successful cycle.
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