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    Lean Bulk Cycle Comparisons?

    Sup bros,

    Gonna start a new cycle in March, I'll put it out there now that I don't wanna try Tren . However, I am attempting to lean bulk, with that I understand Tren is the best, I just don't want to do it. Also, this isnt my first rodeo so pct, ai, NAC, and hcg have all been covered and don't need to be addressed in this thread...

    Here's three sample cycles I am considering:

    Test/Eq Stack:
    Test C: 400-500mg week 1-16
    EQ: 600mg week 1-16

    Test + Orals Stack:
    Test C: 500mg week 1-14
    Dbol : 30mg week 1-4
    Winny: 30mg week 9-14

    Test + Mast:
    Test C: 250mg week 1-12
    Masteron : 400mg weel 1-12

    Now guys, the goal for me, is to go from 184lbs @ 10-11% up to 198-200 @ sub 10%. I know those numbers are not huge, but I'm a smaller-framed performance athlete (not getting stage ready) and 15lbs gained would be perfect for me especially if I can get even leaner. However, I am looking to achieve more of that "classic" physique look, I have great thickness but I want to pack on some serious shoulder/lat width this cycle.

    Heres the thought process, I was thinking EQ as most say the gains are very lean and moderately "keepable" so I was originally gonna roll with that one. However, I was thinking if I went the test plus orals route, the Dbol should bulk me up quick the first month, and then running the winny as a finisher could help me achieve that leanness I am going for. Also others have thrown around the idea of masteron, however I'm wondering if the test/mast cycle will give me the 10+ lbs bump in size I'm looking for.

    Also, here's what I'm planning on diet, I'm thinking I'm going to go about 400-500 cals over maintenance caloric level and stay that course the whole cycle, with that being said as I gain in size, my maintenance calorie level will increase as well. So perhaps if I start 500 over maintenance, 10-12 weeks into the cycle I might be eating closer to my (new) maintenance level of calories, where I can still add size but not much excess fat. So, I'm lookin at this like a front-loaded bulk, where I do bulk throughout the entire cycle no plans to cut, but the bulk will taper off as I grow to hopefully continue to add hardness and vascularity. Let me know thoughts on this strategy?

    Also, I could add orals to either of the other stacks, I just don't want to go nuts or put myself in harm's way. But now that you guys understand my goals please add any suggestions.
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    A clean/lean bulk to me means lower test.
    100mg Test
    900mg+ EQ

    For some more size and results I would do
    100mg Test
    900mg NPP

    No orals. I believe orals are only good if your doing a show or trying to look good at the beach for a day.

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    You don't have many options on a bulk.

    You're basically looking at test with nandrolone and/or tren .

    If you are into orals then dbol , drol, tbol, sdrol and possibly var.

    Mast isn't a bulking compound.

    The only positive effect EQ will have on a bulk is increased appetite.

    The biggest issue I see here is that your 5'10" with previous cycling experience and only weight 184lb.

    You would see great results from using only test if your diet is spot on.

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    I would go with deca , 600mg a week and test around 250 a week. Wouldn't hurt to throw some eq in there.

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    There may be too much emphasis on gear helping to bulk or cut. I look at the gear's androgenic :anabolic ratio and the ester. Longer ester holds more water than shorter esters. The bulking, cutting, lean bulking, etc. really depends more on the diet than the compounds. I can bulk with Test or cut with Test. It depends on the diet and how much cardio I do per week. For a lean bulk, I would recommend a short ester'd cycle. Test/NPP is a good combo. Just make sure you have all the ancillary gear as well as a strong PCT.

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