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    2nd Cycle Guidance

    Hi All

    Quick stats; 36male/81kg/5’11”/14%

    First cycle was found and followed here in the beginner section verbatim.
    8weeks, Test Prop 150EoD with adex and HCG along with proper PCT protocol.

    Started cycle at 78Kg and went to 85kg down to 81kg and holding
    Ran this cycle in July 2017.
    My goals for this cycle are to increase my maintenance weight to 85kg, while maintaining bf% or slightly dropping.

    I really enjoyed my run on Prop and have no issue pinning frequently.
    I used UGL type brand my first run. And still have one vial remaining.
    I do however have access to test cyp from a pharmacy here but the cost is high.

    I would love to add Tren but I understand I need more time and exp under my belt.

    So im basically looking for advice on how to run this next cycle (2nd cycle)
    Should I do another cycle of test Prop at same dose
    Or maybe increase the dose
    Is there any benefit to switching esters.
    Happy to stay with the Prop to minimise water or bloat potential.

    I’ve looked at the stacks that come up regularly one being anavar the other being dbol , is there something else you guys could recommend?
    Of the 2 I lean more towards the Var as it sounds more suited to a lean bulk.

    Any sort of help you guys can provide to kind of steer me on the right path here would b great.

    I do understand the importance diet plays on weather it’s a bulk or cut and have continued to read up and modify my approach to this as well.

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    I was hoping to get a bit of direction on a stack here...
    But since I can’t get any support, for whatever reason, I’ll just try and apply my own common sense.

    For this cycle I’ll just stick with running test Prop again.
    Only this time instead of 150mg EOD I’ll bump up to 175mg eod
    adex at .25eod
    HCG 250IU biwkly

    PCT; Nolva & clomid 75/50/50/50 & 40/20/20/20

    You can follow my cycle in the respective forum.

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    its always best to run test for your first few cycles, slowly ramping up the dose each time. your making the right choice going with Test again.

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    I agree that you should stick with Test but don't shy away from longer esters due to bloating issues. I much prefer longer ester Test and will run short ester compounds on top of it, but since Test is the base you want it being nice and steady..I personally inject Test E eod and that allows me to keep blood levels as stable as possible. There are many benefits to keeping levels stable and reduction in bloating is one of them... Bloating is an issue related to either diet or estrogen or BOTH. The main reason I'm not a big fan of Prop is that it aromatizes like a MF.. With longer esters the drug is being slowly released into your bloodstream which gives your body time to maintain homeostasis more effectively without as many least for me this has been the case...I also feel that with a long ester Test you can get away with running a much lower amount of AI which can have some nice benefits as well..

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