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    New user looking for proposed cycle feedback.

    Hey all,

    I have been interested in steroids and cycling for a bit now and have compiled what I think is a decent plan, but as someone with no experience I would like to receive feedback before starting anything. I am 5' 10" and around 190 pounds. I do plan on losing 10-15 pounds naturally before starting anything as well. I have attached a plan that I think will work, but again I want people to take a look at it before I start it. I know its not a workout plan like the title states, but I get slightly paranoid that someone will check my documents (stupid, I know), so thats why it has that title. Thanks to all those who give me feedback and constructive criticism.
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    There is a walk through on here for first cycles your proposed cycles look awful.

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    At your age, I would recommend that you work up a good eating regiment and hit the gym hard for a few more years. You will have a much better experience at that point.

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