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    i shoot my gear in the ass everytime i shoot, im on a fina/prop/winny tab cycle, i just wanted to know if you rotate say ass,ass,quad quad then start over will the gear be absorbed better because its being introduced to a new muscle receptors or will it be absorbed just as good if you stick it in your ass everytime you shoot ?

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    Scar tissue is the main concern. If you rotate glutes, quads, bi's, and chest then you will not build up scar tissue as fast. If you continue to hit the same spot every other day or so then you will eventualy feel as if you need a hammer to get the pin in you because of the scar tissue buildup.

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    yes this is true, especially with prop/ed injections, what u could do if u want to stick to leg all the time is ditribute the injections around ur leg. like start at the top near the joint and work ur way down to the bottom, alternating both legs. this way scar tissue isnt really a problem. and if the injections become hard, i would reccomend using 21 guage since it can penetrate almost any tisue with ease ! but if it were me i would rotate to prevent an abcess. it hard to get the fkin oil out after it sits there. if worse comes to worse you might vene need to see an MD !

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    Bro..just make sure you rotate..I use 23g on glutes and quads and 25g on everything else...just explore bro...go for it!

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    once a week in each muscle is a good rule of thumb, and absorbtion is better in bigger muscle groups, quads, glutes, and delts...doens't really matter as much as receptors because fina and prop are both esterfied, and those esters will be removed before they can bind anywhere in that specific muscle group...

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