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    Cool First Cycle to Go - Test E with PCT

    Hi Gym Fanatics,

    I am 31 years old with a height of 1.78m and 75kg weight. I will be doing my medical checkup for BF and all other misc stats before starting my cycle.

    My plan:
    Week 1 to 16 - Testosterone Enanthate (500mg/wk)
    Week 1 to 16 - Anastrozole (1mg/week)
    Week 17 and 18 - Nothing (Exercise and more exercise)
    Week 19 to 22 - Clomiphene Citrate (50/50/50/50) and Tamoxifen Citrate (40/40/20/20)

    I do also have Oxandrolone in hand. Will it benefit to stack with Testosterone Enanthate ? I would also like to know if Anastrozole per week is sufficient?

    It took me quite some time to understand the basics of AAS and its usage for beginners.

    What do you think of my cycle? Is it good to go?

    Any tip is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    Run your cycle for 12 weeks. You'll have a better recover through PCT. Run HCG 250iu twice a week through out your cycle. Get some anti-acne wash on hand. You're going to get acne. You can get inexpensive body wash with salicylic acid from Walmart.

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