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    sustanon+ primo???


    Well i decided to order some more sustanon : weeks 1-10 i will be using 500mg per week.

    But i have some primobolan : 18 amps should i add this to my cycle?
    I have heard that primo can lesson some side effects while making the mass i will gain quality mass(to some extent).
    so like using 300 mg per week.

    and if not can you bros advice me on taking something else with the sus like deca , iam a little sceptical, i heard and read that it can give you 'deca dick' but if iam going to use it with sus will this be likely?

    i know iam asking a lot but bare in mind iam going to be on it for the first time so all advice is welcome!!

    Please advice!!

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    I have run deca at 300mg/wk with test en. at 500 -750mg/wk., the test countered some of the sides but I still watched my nuts shrink and had a long nasty recovery, even with clomid

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